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moving fruit bushes/trees

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hi we are moving home in the coming month and have to give up are allotment,we have several fruit bushes and trees that we would like to take with us,would they survive a move at this time of the year? thank you



How big are the trees? You could certainly move smaller shrubs and fruit bushes, roots wrapped in hessian. A tree is rather different. You have to dig a trench out as far as the canopy extends, cut the roots there, dig the tree out onto the hessian and transport it! Rather a big task - depending on the size of the trees. Are the trees very special to you? In other words, it can be done, but with difficulty and lots of muscle and person-power!

1 May, 2008


hi thank you for your answer,very helpfull,the trees are only small ones that i planted last autumn,about 1.5m high.Would it affect the bushes fruiting this year by moving them now? thank you

1 May, 2008


hi rule of thum is they has to be a r in month/jim

1 May, 2008


They might well sulk this year - but if you want them, you will have to be patient, I fear. You might be lucky - I do hope so! Pop them in quickly and they might not notice! ;-)

1 May, 2008

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