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hiya all x.... i have a shasta daisy that i bought this year and pot planted it and started to look pretty on the eye....but it has developed leafminer quite badly and could really do with suggestions on what to do with it now... should i bin it, or are there are any successful treatments available....



sorry i cant help but i bet doctorbob can or bamboo . just thaught id say hello .

9 Jul, 2012


No insecticide other than a systemic can get at the mining grubs and once the leaves have it they remain damaged. However, it actually does little harm to the plant, it is only unsightly. All I ever do is to remove the affected leaves, a few at a time.
Binning the plant seems a little excessive.
Shasta daisy to me means Leucanthemum forms, is that what you have? Or do you mean something different? Not that it makes much difference to the prggnosis.

9 Jul, 2012


just pick off the affected leaves and put in the household bin. you may not get any next year.

9 Jul, 2012

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