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What is growing on my evergreen?


By Steveo

Illinois, Cook Co., United States Us

I noticed one of these growing last season on one of my evergreens. This spring I noticed that more of these have appeared elsewhere in my yard on a few other evergreens. They range from small (just starting) to 1.5" or so. I live in the Chicago area if that helps to answer my question.




They look like things called Galls. This is produced by the tree after insect damage. In many cases the insect actually creates the gall as a home for its young. The things called Oak apples in Britain are prime examples of insect caused galls.

1 May, 2008


Thank you for your response, it has helped significantly. I looked into this a bit more using 'Gall' in my search and found out it is probably Cedar Hawthorn Rust. Here is a brief description: Cedar-hawthorn rust is caused by a fungal pathogen called Gymnosporangium globosum. This disease occurs on eastern red cedar, Rocky Mountain juniper, southern red cedar, common and prostrate junipers, apple and crabapple, most hawthorns (there are a few reported, resistant species), and sometimes on pear, quince and serviceberry. In order to survive, the fungus must "move" from one type of host to another (e.g., from juniper to hawthorn). The website I found was:

1 May, 2008

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