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Sun or Shade


By Bubble

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I have a difficult boder to fill. I think its west facing. der!! It doesn't get sun till about 1.0 oclock, but its in full sun then till about 6.30. Plants i have planted in the past have always become straggley as they strain to meet the sun. Is this classed as a sunny or shady border?

On plant This is to say thanks for your answers on sun or shade so hope it appears in the correct place on the site. Have to confess that i havent given the borders much attention in the past apart from weeding and cutting back things like lupins that are practi



I would imagine it could be classed as dapple shade but don't hold me to that! :o) I'm sure others will come along and put you right.

Have you tried to plant shade loving plants? Hostas, Ajuggas etc. maybe you will have more success with these types of

30 Apr, 2008


I am surprised that in a west facing border your plants grow straggly. This is a favourable position for most plants and I grow my Gladioli, Aquilegia, Campanulas, Asters, Erigerons, Euphorbia polychroma, Pasque flower, hardy Geraniums, Veronica, Verbena bonariensis, and more in my west facing border. They are happy there. Do you cut things back at the right time? I am puzzled. I call it quite a sunny position as it gets sun for the warmest part of the day.

1 May, 2008


Sun 1pm - 6:30 pm is only about 5 hours. Not "full 8-9 hours of sun per summer day". Maybe try partial sun plants. Also, see if your border is facing true West - you may be facing North West or South West. Note the direction the plants lean .... ask a Boy Scout for a compass.....

1 May, 2008


If the site gets sun from 1 - 6 pm It sounds as if it faces west, but that there is something on either side of it which casts a shade the rest of the time. Maybe you are planting too close together?

3 May, 2008

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