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Cucumbers in Hanging baskets?

Ohio, United States Us

I have been thinking of trying to grow cucumbers in a hanging basket this year. I have read that it can be done but I was wondering if anyone had any experience they could share? I was thinking of going with a medium/small pickling cucumber variety that did well for me on the ground last year, but I do not know if my hanging basket is large enough for the variety (16" diameter). Do you think I can plant anything else in the basket with the cuke to help visually balance it?

On plant Cucumis sativus



I would have thought that the problem would have been with the weight of the cucumbers, In the garden they would be lyeing on the ground but in a hanging basket the weight of the cucumber(s) would be straight down on the stem of the vine.

26 May, 2009


Also a cucumber needs a lot of water and manure which is quite difficult to maintain in a hanging basket.

27 May, 2009

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