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How can I get my syringa to produce more flowers?


By Annies

United Kingdom Gb

It is 3 or 4 years old and produces just half a dozen large panicles each year.The leaves are plentiful and healthy. It is in a partly open, partly shady position. If the shade is the problem, is it safe to move it? If so, when is the time to do so?

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Another question is - do you prune it and when? If you pruned it early in the year that would be when the buds were forming.

Any deciduous shrub can't really be moved safely until it is dormant. It will not be easy if it has grown tall, though - the rootball will be large.

26 May, 2009


Prune after flowering, next years flowers grow on the previous years new growth. So if you prune at the wrong time = no flowers. Its the same with a lot of shrubs, like Honeysuckle or Forsythia.

21 Aug, 2009

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