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My elderly friend has an ailing Hemerocallis in her garden. I promised to ask the experts on GoY to see if anyone could suggest a remedy! The plant has a number of yellowing leaves...but is flowering normally. Could it be a trace element deficiency, or a result of the weather perhaps?

Thanks in advance.

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mineral deficencies tend to show as mottled leaves and on nearly all the plant but it wouldnt hurt to give it a feed, or even just some epsom salts teaspoon in about 1/2 gallon.

so really what i am saying is 'i dont know'

4 Jul, 2012


Might be a bit of rust due to the weather. These plants in my experience are pretty much trouble free so I wouldn't worry too much unless the whole plant starts to be ailing.

4 Jul, 2012


Her daughter wondered if it was 'stressed' because of the weather.

Thanks, Sbg - I'll suggest that to her. :-)

4 Jul, 2012


I have just bought one from the garden centre it had a few leaves exactly the same, I just broke them off. Let's hope these plants recover.

4 Jul, 2012


I do hope so - Eva has a lovely garden, and enjoys her plants.

4 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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