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Tropaeolum Speciosum

West Somerset, England Eng

I planted three of these beautiful climbers last year and they only grew up to about a foot high. I asked for advice on the site about overwintering and to my pleasure I have new shoots this year. I would like more advice now please as to encouraging them to grow and climb! I am going to post a blog, too, which has additional questions (so Ican post several photos) Thanks folks!

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Hi Spritz this a lovely climber and saw a beautiful specimen in Scotland (common name Scottish Flame Flower) .It grew through a yew hedge and looked like the flowering equivalent of christmas tree lights .Those lovely red flowers followed by blue berries .Its quite common in garden centres north of the border and also seen a good example in Northumberland.I believe they need moist damp conditions as seen snakeshead fritillary growing along side.So if you have a cool sheltered spot thats moist then should love it apparently frost hardy - looks too delicate - mistake I think I made with it , treat it tough.

29 Apr, 2008


Hi Spritzhenry.
While checking out Tropaeolum speciosum on google I came across your blog. I was given four of these plants in February this year. Three have thrived and are currently over 4 metres high with a mass of red flowers. They are growing in south facing location up mature Lawsons Cypress. They only get full sun between about 11.00am and 4pm. The cypress is overhanging and 35 metres high so the plants get little direct rain. I gave them a good soaking for the first two weeks and put plenty mulch round the base of each. Soil is probably very acidic. Am astonished at the result! I only googled this plant because I wanted to know what happens to plants in winter. I am hoping they will die down (so I can prune cypress!), then grow afresh next year. Maybe someone can inform? I am based in east Scotland. If you have a problem I would suspect the soil. The plants were at least a foot high when purchased.

10 Sep, 2008

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