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Wet backyard needs help

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Have an area about 60 ft wide along my neighbor's property line that gets marshy. Her property sits higher and I get a lot of water run off. After a good rain, this area can remain very marshy for a week, sometimes more. I don't have the budget for installing a drainage system or backfilling the yard to raise the height of my property. Would planting something in this area help to alleviate the water build up? Maybe a row of arborvitae? I've heard they do well in wet soil. By the way, I live in central NJ and have a lot of clay in the soil. The area gets plenty of sun, too. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



You can improve drainage by incorporating lots of organic matter, which 'loosens' the soil and opens the pores up. If the area remains wet all the time (i.e. does not dry out inbetween wettings) then maybe you could plant up a bog garden and just go with nature?!

29 Apr, 2008

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