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My cordyline is in a ceramic pot with no drainage holes, but it looks like its dying is this why?


By Nix

United Kingdom Gb

my cordyline is the burgundy/red coloured one



it needs drainage hols putting in it. i made the mistake a couple of years ago of not putting in drainage holes and everything got water logged. i drilled holes in the bottom of the pot and drained the water out. it did smell mind you and most of my plants died. the lack of drainage wont be helping but might not be the only cause. someone more experienced will be around shortly.

13 May, 2009


cordalines it seams is a very loose term but from experiance they can be very large and are better in the for pots yes you do need drainage unless its a pond plant.even bog gardens need some drainage.

13 May, 2009


ceramic pots I find tend to soak up a lot of water before they even get to help the plant

definately need drainage holes and some thing to line the pots to reduce drying out, I use the old compost bags as lining

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13 May, 2009

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