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i have a well established laburnum tree


By Lollie

United Kingdom Gb

The tree is planted in the ground, no concrete below and in soil not pot, we have had very high winds and alot of rain lately and it did move about two inches in ground, i pushed it back into position and it seems fine, the leaves just look droopy, i have blanket on the ground covered with grave, so maybe the rain just hasn't gotten into the soil, i will feed and water directly to the trunk and root, and see what happens, what is a good food for it. it is planted about 6 foot from the front wall, but the wall is being taken down and replaced within the next 12 months so i hope that's ok. would i be better taking the tree out now then and moving or something?thanks again,




I can't see any whitening, but it would have been better to take a photo outside, not through a window, where reflections get in the way. I'm assuming its planted in ordinary, open garden soil with no barrier beneath like concrete or similar, and not in a pot or container that's been sunk into the ground.
The tree looks droopy - is it normally like that? Have you had high winds recently, and was it like this before they came? How long has the tree been in that spot?

10 Jun, 2012


i would try soaking the ground for all its rained heavy if its droopy it could be lacking water it looks planted very close to a road

10 Jun, 2012


its about 6 foot from road, and has been there four four or five years i think, ??

10 Jun, 2012


Has it been extremely windy? and was it alright before then?

10 Jun, 2012

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