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i wish to reuse pots for summer flowers but they all have daffodils in and they have not died back yet what should i do



If you have a corner in your garden with some space, just knock out the pots and 'heel in' all the daffodils together. It doesn't matter if they are crammed into a small place as long as the leaves can still photosynthesise for a few more weeks. Once the leaves have died back you can dig them up, dry the bulbs, and put them somewhere cool to plant out again in the autumn.

10 Jun, 2012


If they flowered more than six weeks ago, and they probably did, do as Bertie says, not a problem. Either that or cut the foliage right down and plant into the tubs on top if there's enough root room for other plants.
Bear in mind, if you do turn them out, they need to be back in their positions for next Spring by end of August - daffodils start putting new roots out by then.

10 Jun, 2012

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