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making a veg plot in my lawn.

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my husband has made a frame for a raised bed, we have sited it on the grass of the lawn, do I have to did the lawn ( grass up first, or can I put the composted soil on the lop of the grass. I dont want the grass to grow through it.



welcome to GoY.
i would dig the grass up as it will grow up and through as will any weeds in the grass. [unless you are lucky to have a nice lawn, i dont its mainly moss but it looks green}

9 May, 2009


Why are you trying to start a veggie bed in your lawn? You would need to have removed the turf and worked on the soil below the turf prior to even thinking of growing any veg. Even if you have/are creating a raised bed th soil below the lawn is going to be compacted (from mowing and being walked upon). You would need to do so serious digging and mulching/composting prior to planting and veg.

Sorry if I sound harsh - reality is that growing veg. is not just a matter of creating a bit of open ground and bunging some plants in!

9 May, 2009


hello Potty.
think it would be best to remove the turf and dig if you want to plant this year. I have just came across a great website
which was written by a first time allotment holder and there is a section about preparing the ground. Hope this helps.

9 May, 2009


Itook off the grass, and did some serious digging and added compost and top soil, i left this to settle over the winter ready for this season...hope you enjoy... that is what gardening is all about..learning and having fun..

10 May, 2009


You can just buy a roll of material from the garden centre to lay on the lawn, that will stop the weeds and grass coming through but you will do a much better job by removing the grass and digging the ground over.

10 May, 2009

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