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How to look after Bouginvilla?


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

have always wanted one of these and when i saw it inMorrisons this afternoon for £1.99 snapped it up then when I got to the till knocked it on the floor comost everywhere:) but got another one.

only thing is no nothing at all of how to care for it.I have a conservatory unheatd geenhouse and a heated greenhouse.

On plant Bougainvillea




Hi Scotkat place in your conservatory now. If it takes off then you will need some wires to support it as seen at their best draping their flowers from overhead.Water and feed regularly during growing season.As flowers fade in autumn reduce then stop watering during winter months .Needs cool temps but obviously no frost.If kept warm during winter can be reluctant to flower next season.As new buds appear next spring can be pruned back to several buds on each stem.Oh please be aware that supermarket plants are often forced into display earlier than they would normally as the plant is expected to fit their buying schedules.As such it comes as quite a shock to the plant to be treated normally after its high speed treatment .you might be lucky but dont worry if they fail.

25 Apr, 2008


It is really wet BB and there was anic elady giving TLCwatersapry to all the palnts but it is rather wet.

Is there any specail feed I should be using andif we get a summer do I put it outdoors.

Thank you for your help appriciated.

25 Apr, 2008


Dont put outside unless really warm and must be in doors at night as temps can drop quite a lot.I dont think thers a need for special feed I use liquid tomato feed on everything as seems to have good balance of nutrients, havent killed anthing yet.Wont mind being wet at moment but dont let it stand in water in a saucer or drip tray.plant will tell if thirsty by drooping a little better that than over watering.they grow outdoors in hot dry climates so not too wet for them.

25 Apr, 2008


Thank you BB and are they easy to grow from cuttings?

26 Apr, 2008


Oh Kath I didn't know you had butter fingers sweetie? Good job there was another plant for you. Good luck in growing it

26 Apr, 2008


Oh you are so funny my dear helen and I just love this site I stummbled apon :)Hope you are ok with fuel sitiu.

26 Apr, 2008


I agree Kath a brilliant site and great for me as I love looking at other people's gardens and yes filled up all four cars and keeping our fingers crossed that we don't have to do any hospital runs.... lets just hope the strike doesn't last too long.

27 Apr, 2008


My little Modus runs on deizel and filled i ton tue then toppe dup on Friday as had to get father inlaw to a nursing hoem thisafternoon and see to my mother inlaw as she has to go into hospital tomorrow gfro an op not shure if sh ewill get out onFriday but complete bed rest.

She is getting a skin graft as they hav eto open her leg a problem.

And see what is she is ever so thin like a rake.need to keep ca rtopped up fo rthat reason as we arean hr to hr an d1/4 sdrive.

27 Apr, 2008


Please dont use diesel on your bougainvillea it should not be affected by fuel shortage.

27 Apr, 2008


Oh you make me smile through tears was chatting to a friend inNew zealand

28 Apr, 2008

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