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By Strawb

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all
Can anyone identify these plants for me, they are various additions from friends and family and I have planted them in similiar conditions as the parent plants but no-one can actually tell me what they are. Any ideas?

P1010023 P1010024 P1010028



First photo is a pieris not sure about the other two.

2 Jun, 2012


Hi, not sure about the 2nd and 3rd but the 1st one looks like a Pieris, maybe Flaming Silver?

2 Jun, 2012


I thought it was too Moongrowe but it wasn't in acid soil and I thought they all needed acid soil.

2 Jun, 2012


Osmanthus came to mind but not sure......

2 Jun, 2012


They certainly do best in acidic soil but can also grow perfectly well in a neutral soil. What they don't like is a very alkaline soil.

2 Jun, 2012


the second looks like the perenial variegated honesty. there appears to be some of the seed heads visible. dont know the other two.

2 Jun, 2012


Strangely enough, Daphne odora aureomarginata sprung to mind for the first one.

Not sure for no 2

No 3 looks like a Euonymous


2 Jun, 2012


I thought the second one looked like Honesty, but I didn't know there was a variegated variety.

2 Jun, 2012


My thoughts (before I had read the other answers):
1 - pieris
2 - variegated honesty
3 - euonymus

2 Jun, 2012


Thanks guys- some interesting suggestions, I'll look them up to get some more info. The second plant I got from an open garden but lost the tag but 'honesty' does seem to ring a vaguely familiar bell. Thanks again.

2 Jun, 2012


1 - I thought Daphne odara. But, ... ?
2 - and I stretch things here a bit.. Lemon-scented ..verbena? a variagated variety?
3 - euonymus

3 Jun, 2012


The variegated honesty will have white flowers and is perennial.

5 Jun, 2012

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