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Deadheading rhodos... Hi, I've just deadheaded my rhodo, but do I remove these long things? Thanks!




No, do not remove them, they are this years new growth, there,s no need to dead-head really, it just makes the shrub look a bit tidier, Derek

2 Jun, 2012


No you don't that is the new leaf growth and needs to remain exactly where it is. With around 50 rhododendrons we don't even remove the dead flowers.

2 Jun, 2012


I did think it was new growth but thought I'd check. Thank you both, I might not bother deadheading next time, just thought I would as it looked untidy.

2 Jun, 2012


It does look untidy for a while but the dead flowers fall off and rot into the soil.

2 Jun, 2012


Dead-heading is fine for those ..smaller varieties. But how would anyone go about deflowering some of the Giant ones? :)

3 Jun, 2012


Step ladder? We have friends in Aberdeen who used to do so at one time - not anymore.

4 Jun, 2012

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