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I've now sorted my vegetable patch, and 'things' are beginning to grow there - yeehah! It's soooooooo exciting! Now for my next question - instead of using chemicals, etc, to get rid of nasties, what else can I use? Are there some natural deterents? I remember my Mum used to plant Marguerites to deter...? something! What else can I use? Do pots with beer inside really get rid of slugs? (A real problem for me). I think that garlic is a good deterent, ....but don't know what for! I've planted some anyway.
If I have to use bought chemical stuff, what's the best to choose? I've got mainly brassicas growing, with some potatoes, my green and runner beans and spinach are all in, but don't think I'll bother with tomatoes.
Do any of you clever gardeners out there have secret potions and methods that I could use please?
We have a cat and a dog.
Thanks so much for your help. Anne



Oooh please don't use chemicals! Please read my blogs on "Companion planting" and "slugs and snails and all things nice".

Use a saucer for beer rather than a pot coz beetles (good friends in the garden) etc get trapped and drown.

One other secret potion is to use organic seaweed liquid fertiliser. Pour a small amount into a sprayer/mister and spray roses and tomatoes etc with it. Pests hate the taste of iodine and tend to leave these plants alone.

Hope my blogs help. If not, just shout!

5 May, 2009


Thank you so much CN, tons of really great advice here! I shall now go on the look out and sort out my veggies the natural way.

5 May, 2009


Glad to help Anne!

6 May, 2009


I've got my Nemaslugs arriving this weekend (what a great idea - hope it works!) so all you nasty slimy slugs can go away and get lost this weekend.
And I've also ordered the seaweed liquid fertiliser (from the Hebrides, no less!!) and will be able to use that on my plants too soon.
I'll also go and invest in some marigolds this weekend.
Yeehah! I love this time of year - it's so exciting and full of promise and expectations....................
Thanks again for everybody's help.

7 May, 2009

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