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why isn't vine flowering

I have a campsis tagliabuana (Mdm Galen) and it has never flowered. I've had it at least five years. I found some info that the plant doesn't flower until the 3rd year. It gets all day sun (recommended), isn't crowded and I prune it back late winter. How do I get it to flower?



Sorry, I don't have an answer but would also like one. Mine flowered on the second year and it was stunning. It is in a pot and I move it further along the south-west wall to a position where we could admire it better. Last year it grew rampantly and produced many more buds but they did not open, and this year it has done the same-healthy leaves and bud formation but they do not open. Like you, I have fed and pruned it at the appropriate times. It is even on a watering system.

16 Oct, 2008

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