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Ontario, Canada Ca

I'm looking for suggestions for planting 2 shade gardens ( shrubs & perennials). One area is close to the house & could be sightly elevated. The other spot is low lying in a forest-like environment.



What sort of soil have you got? Alkaline or acid? If acid, you can grow Azaleas. Pieris, Rhododendrons, Skimmias and Camellias. They all grow in a shady forest-like area. Otherwise, in more neutral soil, Euonymus varieties like shade, too. They tend to grow lower to the ground, or if you have a fence or wall, they will grow upwards against it. Hostas, Ferns, Hellebores, hardy Geraniums and smaller plants like Convallaria, Anemones, Omphalodes will grow in shade. So of course will Bluebells, in dappled shade! Is that enough to be going on with?

24 Apr, 2008


Not my question-but I was impressed by your knowledgeable answer!!!

24 Apr, 2008


Not sure what zone you are in - but in dark forest areas remember you can use light color hosta, there is a bright lime coleus, caladium and polka dot plant. All grow in shade but add a little brightness and color. If on a budget (aren't we all) remember that caladium will divide the second year, cuttings from coleus expand your first-year planting. If you are starting with smaller shrubs and perennials, maybe use these to "fill in" the first year

24 Apr, 2008


Thanks for your replies. I'm in Zone 5B. The soil is very sandy but I plan on adding lots of topsoil. Do you know if all Yews withstand shade?. I need low growing plants as well as some shrubery.

25 Apr, 2008

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