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When is the best time to move a Peony?


By Myrtle

East Anglia, United Kingdom Gb

Could anyone please tell me when the best time to move a peony is? I have several I would like to move.

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I think that when it is dormant is the best time, but if it has started to shoot, you could just about get away with it. They reputedly don't appreciate being moved and may sulk for a while!

24 Apr, 2008


Aren't Peonys notoriously difficult to move? I dont think they like it do they & can sulk for years by not producing flowers.

24 Apr, 2008


Spritzhenry is right, if it is a tree peony, cut it back before you lift it.I moved one in June!!! after flowering I cut it back about a 1/3rd and potted it (moving house) last year it had 4 blooms this year it has 11 and seems to like it's large pot. I will post a photo on my site when the flowers come out soon.

25 Apr, 2008


There should be no problem so long as you can remove the whole plant without splitting the tubers,if your paeonies (when did we lose the a in the name? ) are closely packed then lift whole group and gently divide.A fork or spade through those tubers is why the recommendation not to move them developed.Spritz right about timing never in bud or flower lift .

25 Apr, 2008

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