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I have ordered a mini orchard consisting of conference pear, Braeburn apple, Victoria plum and a cherry tree from garden bargauns, not arrived yet. The website says max height two metres, nothing about spread though. How far apart do they need to be planted and is there ant space saving in espaliering the pear? Thanks, Bernadette



The spread will be approximately the same as the height so after about 5 years the trees will be 2 metres in diameter. I would plant them 5 - 6 metres apart to allow for getting between the trees.

21 May, 2012


Are those the dwarf patio trees you see in magazines? I think that those varieties are more or less kept as columns, so 50 cm wide or so, depending on how much you prune. If it is not the dwarf patio types then Moon Growe's advice is correct.

21 May, 2012


Beware these fruit trees do not always grow away as described. You do not say what sort of rootstock they are on. You need pollinators for the apple and pear too probably. We have a row of ten pears and apples on limiting rootstock, planted at differing times, due to poor fruiting and getting too large or poor growth, they got disposed of. There is about 3 feet between each one. They share a 9 foot border with a myriad of other plants and get up to all the tricks one gets from fruit trees. Lots of fruit one year, a few the next, and loads of pests.We did once own an orchard with huuuuge pear trees a long way apart. Also a gigantic cherry tree.

21 May, 2012


Thanks everyone, much appreciated advice, the trees are supposed to be grafted on limited rootstock so hopefully they will not exceed the height advised, and they being sold as selt pollinating. I will give them as much room as I can and perhaps espalier the pear tree against a wall to save space. I think I am going to like this site. Happy gardening everyone, Can't wait for the summer to arrive though. singingnanny

ps. How hard is it to espalier?? Any tips.

21 May, 2012

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