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How To get rid of Ants?

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Thank you to everyone who answered my question " What's wrong with Ants?" From what everyone has said, they are not at all the gardens little helpers I thought they were, like the worm.
So my question now is, I seem to have a lot of Ants in my garden, how can I if not get rid of then, at least reduce the size of the Colony considerably?



You can buy 'ant-traps' if they are bothersome. You can get them at DIY stores or GCs annd even supermarkets! Placed near the nests, they do work.

27 Apr, 2009


I use Nipon, dust and gell. Gell indoors mixed with marmalade, dust outside, it also kills wasps. It may not look very attractive to have the dust on the garden, but if you have a pest you need to get rid of it. The rain will soon wash it away.

27 Apr, 2009


Thank you Spritzhenry for the advice, funnily enough I did buy a couple of ant traps earlier this year, I had noticed one or two ants coming into my home, but I haven't used them yet. I think I might invest in a few more and place them round the garden, although my garden isn't that big, I do seem to have rather a lot of ants.

27 Apr, 2009


Thank you Doctorbob I have used Nippon in the past with excellent results, but can't find the gel anywhere around where I live, I thought maybe it had been taken off the market, do you know where I might get it?

27 Apr, 2009


Amazon sell a Nippon spray,and a liquid dispenser as well as the powder. Rentokil sell a gel, I am sure you can buy any of these in a garden centre.

27 Apr, 2009


Does hot water not just kill the ants?

27 Apr, 2009


If they are in the soil then you could hoe or dig where they are, they don't like to be disturbed. Otherwise just-boiled water sees them off!! But not near plants!!

27 Apr, 2009


Hot water only kills a few ants and gives the nest a supply of cooked meat, as ants eat each other when injured or dead.

27 Apr, 2009


What a gruesome lot they are!! do anteaters survive outside in Britain?!!

27 Apr, 2009


I don't think our ants are big enough for anteaters to eat Volunteer. They like the bigger varieties.

27 Apr, 2009


Thank you all for your help and suggestions, I will try them all, all except maybe the Anteater Volunteer, but thanks for the laugh.

27 Apr, 2009


Ewwww, yuck, ok, that's one thing I won't do then! Thanks Doctorbob! (shudders!)

29 Apr, 2009

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