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By Kere

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

Ants farming blackfly on my cherry.
I planted a cherry "Stella" 3 or 4 years ago and have had a problem with ants/blackfly since. I have tried lots of organic remedies including : rhubarb leaf + soap tea as a spray, planting tansy, chives,mint to dissuade ants, a chalk-like powder around the base of the tree, grease bands (the ants just walk over the grease)...
As the tree seems relatively happy except for the leaf distortion, many blossoms this year, should I just leave nature to it now or will it ultimately harm the tree?



hi kere talcum powder is good for moving ants on.the more scented the better sprinkle all around where you can see them.but make sure the weather is dry when doing it.good luck..

2 May, 2012


I found on both my cherries, ants are present because the aphids and the leaf distortion/loss was so bad that I had to spray to kill the aphids and also learnt to not let the young trees become dry as this is when the trouble gets a hold. I post a question and photos last May showing the damage done

2 May, 2012


Certainly ain`t too dry just now, a boat is as good as a car around here. I won`t use chemical insecticides near anything that I want to eat, if the tree is ok looking scruffy, I ain`t too bothered either. have had about a dozen cherries last year and they were soooo much better than any shop-bought!

2 May, 2012


Sorry mine are ornamental and I would not use a chemical spray on anything I eat either. I usually spray with soapy water with a drop of vegetable oil in to make it sticky, but it does not last more than a few days.

2 May, 2012


id just keep the aphids down a bit bye spraying them of when your watering the plants as thow the ants farm the aphids they also keep a lot of other nasty insects of the tree .

3 May, 2012

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