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Hi, please could you identify this weed that is taking over my garden?

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I am sure they are simply doc leaves but friends and family are making me wonder if it is the more sinister Japanese knotweed. Please put me out of my misery, or tell it to me straight!
Many, many thanks
Robert Shaw




Doesn't look like knotweed to me - just your ordinary grows al over the place dock

24 Apr, 2009


I think that's a funny stem colour and shape for ordinary dock. Maybe different soil types change it's appearance?
To be more sure, have u googled images of knotweed to compare?

24 Apr, 2009


Don't know if Rob did but it was the first thing I checked

24 Apr, 2009


I did check knotweed pictures and thats where the confusion has arisen, as they have red stems. The stems on my weeds do appear to be more 'doc' like than knotweed to me (but what do I know?) Does knotweed just head skyward or does it twist and curl in its early days?

24 Apr, 2009


Have you been using a herbicide on it, Rob? It looks like a dock that has been sprayed with a selective weedkiller which affects the horemonesn(I think) and causes it to be discolouerd and distorted before it dies off.
As for Knotweed, is there any nearby as it is unlikely to just appear from no where.

24 Apr, 2009


There are several species of dock and some do have red stems. I have one in the fruit cage. It definitely isnt knotweed. so dont worry.

24 Apr, 2009


I agree - having suffered from Knotweed in my previous garden, I KNOW it isn't that! It does look like a twisted dock.

24 Apr, 2009


It has been sprayed, so that could be the reason for the stem colour. Thanks everyone! You have all been very helpful.

25 Apr, 2009

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