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By Pageo

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i have just moved house and have a leggy rhodedendron it has a few flowers on the top and what looks like a lot of dead wood .When or do I prune



Hi Pageo and welcome to GoY. Your rhododendron is unlikely to produce new growth if you cut it back. Far better to remove completely and add some god acidic compost to the hole you will create, you can then plant a new smaller Roddy. A lot of the newer hybrids don't get too big and you can prune them back gently if they do. Some of the species also stay reasonably small, others will grow to be 4 metres or more.

24 Apr, 2009


are these plants the ones growing rampant in the local forest.they have a real terrible way of taking over.i think there root system if it is these type openly kind of destroys other roots and is beautifull but very dence and dark are you moon bye the way ? lovley weather we are having

24 Apr, 2009


i agree rip it out and start again

24 Apr, 2009


Same suggestion as Moon Grower really,
They don't like being cut bck into old wood, but may send new growth up from the base,
if it is a particularly nice plant you could try this,
but I would replace it with a new plant, after adding lot's of W R M,
check the acidity of your soil too

24 Apr, 2009



24 Apr, 2009

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