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Identify a shrub?

Ontario, Canada Ca

I have no idea if this is or isn't spirea - it is a thorny shrub that grows under the front hedge. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks for all the help - I googled Barberry and it is definitely Japanese Barberry(Berberis thunbergii) , here is a close up showing ithe leaves, thorns and telltale 'yellow wood'.





22 Apr, 2008


From the leaves and your "thorny" description, I'd go with Owdboggy's ID. Pyracantha (aka Firethorn) can grow in shade as well as sun. Does it get small flowers and, later, berries?

22 Apr, 2008


I have something similar on the side of my house... i just thought it was a weed. i don't think its very attractive.

22 Apr, 2008


Yes, it sounds right David & Owdboggy, thanks! And I agree with you Lainedru, which is why I never tried to ID it before now. I'll update my files and keep an eye on it when it flowers. Thanks again!

22 Apr, 2008


Mmm not sure about pyracantha has ovate leaves.My guess would be hawthorn.Is it evergreen? If so then apologies but the scalloped edges to leaves look hawthorn like.

23 Apr, 2008


If it is thorny it could be a Berberis? Perhaps you could post a close up of the leaf?

23 Apr, 2008


Definitely not evergreen, I'll try to get a brighter close-up, thanks!

23 Apr, 2008


That pretty much rules out pyracantha , looking closely Wyeboy may have nailed it but think your getting close.

24 Apr, 2008

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