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Can someone identify these leaves?

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I am not a green thumb. I am successfully growing a garden for the first time this spring. Iris', Hyacinths, crocus',mums,aster. it also looks like a rose bush from the past is returning. But these strange leaves are sprouting up and spreading thru out the garden. what are they?




They look like Sycamore seedlings.

22 Apr, 2008


Yes, I get a lot of these, too.

22 Apr, 2008


They are quite easy to pull out if you do it at this stage, Kprecious, but DO NOT leave them much longer - the tap roots grow down quite fast! Then they are much harder to remove.

22 Apr, 2008


oh! so these are weeds? i will be sure to pull them. thanks for the advice.

23 Apr, 2008

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