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tomato plants

pinal/ arizona, United States Us

why do my tomatos leaves look wilted dry and the flowers drop and never open? i do keep soil moist and they are starting to produce small fruits, but the plants dont look healthy?



Maybe you are keeping the soil too moist?! Tomatos are best regarded as Mediterranean plants - i.e. they like warmth, lots of light and not too much water. I am surprised your plants have flowers already - they are very early! Mine have very small embryonic flowers at the moment. Do you have them in a greenhouse? Or are they outdoors? If outdoors, all your problems are probably due to your plants being too cold. If on a windowsill, the temperature is probably flucuating too much. Can you give more info about the growing conditions or a photo? :-)

22 Apr, 2008


they are outside but our temps are 80s and 90s. not cold at all.

22 Apr, 2008

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