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We have a 20 year old creeper which covers the front of the house but we need to have the rendering under the creeper removed and replaced. Is it possible to remove the creeper from the affected area and then replace it after the builders have finished?



i would be inclined to cut it right back . depends on what creeper it is . it could of caused the problem in the first place .

30 Mar, 2012


What kind of creeper is it, James? Most will come back quite quickly if cut back really hard early in the year. I doubt anything would re-attach itself if pulled away, though, even if tied back in place. You are better off listening to the Noseypotter, I think!

30 Mar, 2012


Noseypotters right - cut it right down, assuming its one of the Parthenocissus (virginia creeper) variety. It will regrow.

30 Mar, 2012


thank you xx .

30 Mar, 2012

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