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I have been given 2 tall chimney pots which come
apart in the middle. How do I prepare them for planting...? Silly question possibly but do I put them on a patio base then have to fill the whole pot? I am quite happy about plant choice etc but it is the preparation which is confounding me! Any help please!



Well you'll need something to stand them on that keeps the soil inside, and to put them somewhere they won't ever be moved. Most people, when using these, fit a pot inside the chimney pot and plant into that to get round this problem - I always use them directly on soil, filling up with compost and plant straight into that to give some height in the border. I often plant something like a Phormium inside so that its leaves aren't dragging on the ground - the plant usually roots right down into the ground at the bottom though.

28 Mar, 2012


Thank you for that... I think filling it completely is the way forward! I also have a couple of smaller ones for the driveway so may use the second idea there for inserting a plant pot.

28 Mar, 2012


I have two chimney pots at my front door and have four pots which fit inside. I keep alternating the pots in pairs so there's always something of interest in them, both in the summer (usually dianthus or bizzy lizzies) and in the winter (usually heathers and/or chrysanths or whatever is in season)

28 Mar, 2012


Thank you.. that sounds like a good idea too.

29 Mar, 2012


Welcome to GoY by the way!!

29 Mar, 2012


I started off putting soil in my old chimney pots. They started to deteriorate. After all, that was not what they were designed for. As others do I place a pot in the chimney pot so that I can change them for a fresh show. No further degradation has occurred since I stopped filling them. I have had some of my pots for 40 years.

30 Mar, 2012

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