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Having a problem with a dog pooing in my front garden!! Have all the neighbours on alert but no-ones actually caught it yet so not sure whos dog it is, can i put down anything to deter it?!



A bigger dog ;o)))) (sorry to flippant, LBS - I couldn't resist it)

28 Mar, 2012


Ha ha, my dogs like a hamster ill chain her up in front garden she can squeak and scare them off!

28 Mar, 2012


I had the same problem with several dogs, a nice prickly hedge of blackthorn + quickthorn with some other natives (hornbeam + hazel...) has sorted it out with no potential for neighbour disputes. Good for wildlife too.

28 Mar, 2012


Are you sure it's a dog, it could be a fox, there are always leaving their calling cards on my drive. :o§

28 Mar, 2012


canines always smell before they wee or poo so there mite lye your answer . id imagine its doing both . cant you just put up a picket fence or something like that ?

30 Mar, 2012

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