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best enviromently friendly way to stop carrot fly &how to protect my broccli

ayrshire, United Kingdom Gb

just strtin out need some advice on carrot fly and how to protect my broccli and got some pumkins should i have them outside now?



carrot fly only flies 18inches above the ground so you require to do one of two things
1 grow your carrots in something two feet of the ground

2 create a barrier two feet of the ground eg horticultural fleece with bamboo canes as supports.

think i have this bit right ,perhaps someone else can confirm .. . . only pull carrots late in day when they aint around as they can smell em. I didnt get em in EK but I have a mate in kilmarnock and he got infested with em last year, so you should be careful

14 Apr, 2009


to early for your pumpkins outside in ardrossan just now ,is the plant you have to big for inside?

I grew broccoli in raised beds last year and didnt protect it apart from the odd beer trap for alcoholic slugs

14 Apr, 2009


I have done companion planting that might have worked. Onions deter carrot fly and carrots deter onion fly apparently. Like Maccrimmon i put slug/snail traps in and also plant nastursums as they are a companion to all brassicas. The theory is Cabbage white butterflies lay eggs on these instead of crops.

14 Apr, 2009


I also plant carrots with onions - both flies are attracted by their chosen veg smells and the strong mixed scent confuses them. In fact you can try most members of the onion family - chives around the edge of a carrot bed look lovely.

Also, sow very, very thinly because the less you have to thin, the less fragrance you release in doing so. I sow my carrots so thinly I don't take any out at all.

I usually wait another couple of weks before planting out pumpkin seeds although if you sow them on top of a compost heap the heat means they can start earlier.

15 Apr, 2009

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