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Hi, dose anyone no wat this is?


By Shaun

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I cant remember what ive planted or wether it is growing though from next door.




Could it be a triffid!!

12 Apr, 2009


is it a sumach shrub?

12 Apr, 2009


I thought it looked like a Sumach so it could well\ have come from next door they send out runners.

12 Apr, 2009


It certainly looks like Sumac to me and they are native to this area. They send up suckers that can be many feet away from the mother tree.
Ooops, looks like I'm being North American......Sumach is spelled Sumac over here.

13 Apr, 2009


It looks a sucker from a Sumac tree. We had one in our small front garden and they are lovely but unfortunately can be a nuisance. Several suckers appear all over the place and even cracked tarmac (It was near the pavement). The last straw was that so many began to appear in my front rockery and as fast as we dug them up they came back. Eventually we reluctantly had to dig up the original tree and this is not easy when they have been established for a few years. So if you want to keep it make sure it is in a large border so that you can easily dig up the suckers. Best of luck!


13 Apr, 2009

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