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Moving an established Wisteria


By Leyther

United Kingdom Gb

Thank you for the comments about my wilting clematis, it is a Montana variety and although there are a few new shoots they have wilted over the last few days. Now I am thinking of digging it out and I wondered if there was a possibility of replaciang it with a Wisteria that is very strong and to be honest taking over. Will it like being moved? That's of course if I can move it.



I am no expert, but I think you are taking a big risk if you try to move an established Wisteria!

Why not buy a new montana? They are not expensive, after all. You could choose a different one.

12 Apr, 2009


Having tried to dig up a wisteria that was only 3 years old, I can say, hand on heart, that it will be bloomin' difficult, if not impossible! They really dig deep with their roots!!! I wanted to move it, but no chance, I had to hack it out in the end! (it had sustained wind damage and didn't recover)

12 Apr, 2009

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