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Why is my viburnum tinus suffering.


By Arp

Columbia County/Georgia, United States Us

I planted this 3 wks ago by instructions. Blooms were doing great. The only fertilizing i did was some miracle grow mixed in the water the day i planted it. We've now had several inches of rain here in Augusta, GA the past 2 weeks. The leaves are droopy, spotted and some have fallen off. When I planted it i did spray with insect and fungus removal because of some black spots it had. Has it gotten too much water? It's on a slope so I believe it's well drained soil. Should I spray it again. I see some ants, but no other insects. It gets full sun as recommneded except for the days of rain. It also has a yellow powdery substance in the line in the middle of the leaves.

On plant viburnum tinus




If I were you I think I'd dig it back up and take it back where I bought it and ask for a refund or replacement.

3 Apr, 2009


Yup. Me too. Did you keep the receipt?

4 Apr, 2009


sounds like it was already a bit poorly when you got it, i too would take it back

4 Apr, 2009

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