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leather jackets&chafer grubs

merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

hi all, my lawn has two very large straw like patches, my lawn maintainence man came yesterday and said it was caused by leather jackets and chafer grubs. could this be possible. scousemonk.



yes could well be chafer grubs. They live in the soil and eat the grass roots causing the grass to weaken and often go yellow in the affected patches. You may be able to spot the grubs in the turf as they are quite big (1") soft bodied grey caterpillar like things. They then turn into black hard shelled long beetly things (leatherjackets) which then metormorphose'?' (spelling not my strong point!) into daddy long legs fly things.

yoy can buy some nematodes to release which should seek out the chafer grubs and help get rid of them. Check out Nemasys on the internet.

Hope this helps.

3 Apr, 2009


thanks ducky, will try everything.

3 Apr, 2009


hi all just had my man from green thumb out about the chafer grubs and the leather jackets. i havent got any, the man checked the areas in question, and said i needed to grass seed the shaded area, and get the 60ft leylandi cut down.
so another job for No1 son and his team.

16 Apr, 2009

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