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golden hop - can I divide?


By Shirjon

Norfolk, United Kingdom

Please can you tell me can I devide the plant like with hostas,to make another or do I have to buy a new plant
Also would anyone know how to get rid of wild garlic which will take over the garden if I cant control it thanks look forward to hearing from you Shirjon

On plant Humulus Lupulus



Humulus Lupulus spreads by runners underground so you should be able to divide it easily. Wild garlic is a problem I don't have.

30 Mar, 2009


Thank you Wagger I shall divide it tomorrow as for the garlic I will just have to keep digging to get all the tiny little bulbs out it seems to be a big problem in this area.
Maybe another gardener will have an answer for me
Thanks again

30 Mar, 2009


Digging and removing every little bulb and bulblet is the only answer for the wild garlic - my son assures me it makes a good pesto :-)

30 Mar, 2009

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