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Can hops be pot grown


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom

Im trying to find somewhere to have my hop plants and the best position eally would be next to the shed but this flooring is covered in gravel etc

Ive been trying to find out about the rooting system on hops but cant seem to find any info, so can this be grown from pots?

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On plant Humulus lupulus



All I know is that the roots were VERY difficult to remove when I needed to get rid of one, Mookins.

I suppose you could try, but I'm doubtful. Sorry. xx

24 Jun, 2009


it would have to be a very big pot to cope with all the top growth. it is worth a try though. you may find that they just dont reach full size.

24 Jun, 2009


I think I may have found an area where they can be in the ground if I reducce the size of a veg patch by a smigen
only problem then is will the roots effect the veggies?

I cannot find anything about their root system its very annoying really

any ideas anyone, obviously with regards to spritz comment its a begger to get out

x x x

24 Jun, 2009


I wouldn't plant it where you want to grow veggies - it gets very large, and has a root system to match, and that will compete with your veggies for food and water.

24 Jun, 2009


right will definatly re think this one

may have to put it on freecycle

hate to see it wasted but I have no space for it

cheers peeps

x x x

24 Jun, 2009


I might be too late for your question but I think that it is do-able. I have only had the plant for one season but my first year cascade hops were quite productive.

17 Sep, 2009


I put it in the ground hun, but thanks anyway
although your answer does remind me it needs trimming

x x x

18 Sep, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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