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how to kill garden ivy



Cut it all down to as near the ground as possible and dig out the roots

If the digging is too hard work apply a stump killer to the thick cut down stems

5 Dec, 2011


You can also buy a weedkiller specifically called 'ivy killer'. I assume this is extra strong!! The main problem will be if the ivy has rooted further along as then every piece will be a separate plant and need treating too.

6 Dec, 2011


What area are you concerned with? At this time of year, if your ground is still soft, and as suggested above, just rip it out, digging up as much root as possible. You could also smother it with 6 to 8 inches of wood chip/mulch which will make it easier to rip up in the spring. If you still have it in the spring then super strength glyphosate works well. Protect other plants, with pots or plastic, before spraying. You can also use a pot with bottom cut out, to spray onto ivy while protecting nearby plants at the same time.

6 Dec, 2011


Im continually pulling ivy out of my garden, and its easier if you can get hold of a good long shoot!! its a bit like pulling electric cable out of the ground lol it can travel a long way. Im not keen on killing things with chemicals.

6 Dec, 2011


I read somewhere that if you are going to use glyphosate on ivy its a good idea to add a little detergent to reduce the surface tension and help to prevent the spray from running straight off again.

6 Dec, 2011


mine has actualy kept quit happilly alive even thow ive cut right threw the intire mane ground level roots . id dig thee roots out and try and pull all the ivy that you can off what ever it has up or along . trust me i even like it but its getting above the gutter wear its drinking obviously partly and going under the roof tiles . im definatly not looking to doing it but im going to have to as the roots arnt realy the problem . i can keep up with the new shoots at ground level easy and i have far to many nice plants to use poisan for it unless anyone knows differently ?

7 Dec, 2011


"the gutter wherer its drinking obviously partly and going under the roof tiles "

brings a whole new meaning to the expression " night out on the tiles!"


7 Dec, 2011


Wherever you cut an ivy or other root, that can't be dug up, have you tried painting it with glyphosate or sbk root killer? No spraying involved, just a paint brush dipped in concentrate. Some ivy re-root along the stem, which could be NPs problem? Cut back, pull out and then get the paint brush out to all stem bits still showing. Worked wonders for me.

7 Dec, 2011


very good anchorman lol
all the stems are cut avkq9 but i will take your asvice as theres far to much to take down with any ease thankyou so much x .

8 Dec, 2011

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