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Just thinking, has anyone any suggestions for an east facing fence. I did have a passion flower on part of it, but I think that has given up the ghost. There is a climbing rose, but never done too well.

The soil is very, very poor, so I might have to use tubs or containers of some sort.

The north facing fence has Japonica and clematis.

Much appreciated, chaps



Hi Muddyboots you sound to be back to normal glad you feeling better.Neighbour has a passion flower on sheltered west facing wall think east not favourable to a lot of tender plants.Windy early morning sun which can be quickly lost. I was going to suggest some of the new evergreen clematis but fear I may upset Spritz the Clematis Queen who has such a lovely display of them.Oh before I go a joke for you What do you call a bug that performs stunts ?

12 Apr, 2008


Don't know . What do you call a bug that performs stunts?

12 Apr, 2008


Weevil Knievel

12 Apr, 2008


OMG!!!!! Good 'un, especially for a Saturday night!!

12 Apr, 2008


Bonkers I thought I liked you but you are SOOOO cruel! :-(

12 Apr, 2008


What ? Sorry to use your site muddyboots -I was paying you a compliment Spritz.Seen your garden said it was lovely suggested to muddyboots that I would recommend some form of clematis but better ask you as you the Queen . I was acknowleding your skill with them not dissing you as my son would say.But yes your right I can be cruel may all your beauties wilt hows that? Now thats cruel.

12 Apr, 2008


Or have I got this all wrong and you got a thing for weevils Spritz.?

13 Apr, 2008


No, it was because I posted a question about snails eating three of my new Clematis for their breakfast and I thought you were referring to that! Thank you for the compliment now I know you weren't! :-) I do indeed have a number of Clematis in the garden. One facing east is a new evergreen but the buds look as though they may open to be quite small. On the east facing wall I also have C.tangutica which is pretty tough, yellow flowers in late summer through the autumn, nice seed heads through the winter. You cut it hard back in the spring and off it goes again. Otherwise, muddy, how about Hydrangea petiolaris - that does not seem to mind wind or poor soil? Clematis do really prefer rich soil or lots of feeding.

13 Apr, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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