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pruning of Mahonia


By Cpiety

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I have a Mahonia that I got from my mom's house last fall. It looks pretty spindly and the root ball was not very big. Should I prune it back? If so, how far? When is the best time to prune a mahonia? Thanks for any help! I hope it makes it! :)


On plant Mahonia japonica




Hi Charles! Mahonia likes shade best, so I don't know if it is too bright where it is? Mahonia is best trimmed after flowering in the spring. Cut the yellow racemes (sp.!) off. Then you could cut a little of the top leaves to encourage the roots to spread themselves and side shoots to appear. Hope this helps!

23 Mar, 2009


Mahonias respond well to pruning. This should be done after the flowers fade. Cut to just above a leaf joint and then feed well

24 Mar, 2009

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