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how do you keep the leaves from falling off. How much heat and sun do they require?

On plant Tecoma



Hi Janet and welcome to GoY, which Tecoma do you have some are evergreen others semi-deciduous.

7 Nov, 2011


This is a house plant.

8 Nov, 2011


Then it isn't Tecoma... can you add a photo to your question please.

8 Nov, 2011


If you garden in USDA zone 9 or warmer, Tecomas are evergreen, though a few, such as T. stans angustata, will lose some leaves in the coldest part of winter. In zone 8, you can expect them to freeze back to the ground in winter, grow back in spring and summer, and bloom in late summer and fall. T. capensis blooms fall through spring normally, but that can be cut off prematurely in colder climates. Other Tecomas are primarily spring through fall bloomers, where they don't freeze back. If your garden is colder than zone 8, grow them in pots, and move them into a frost-free greenhouse, or indoors to the sunny bay window, in winter.

8 Nov, 2011


TugB Janet has said this is a house plant therefore it isn't a Tecoma at all!

9 Nov, 2011


It's a tropical plant, minimum temperature 10C. Anywhere other than the tropics it has to be a house plant as question says. Feed and water freely in spring/summer, but only lightly water in winter. Keep above 10C and access to light (not necessarily direct sunlight which may burn off leaf tips under glass, just light) is VERY important. Try re-potting with John Innes No.2 in slightly larger pot and in winter remove any straggly branches you don't like. Good luck!

11 Nov, 2011


Argh! Sorry Janet! I must be getting dislexic, since I could have sworn that I saw "Is this a houseplant?" I guess that I'm going to have to calm down, slow down, and think a bit more before I answer.
Thank you for the shoulder tap, MG! I have seen Radermachera sold as a Tecoma, and some of the newer hybrid Tecomas sold as houseplants, though they are properly greenhouse plants in colder climates, needing blazing sun, good air circulation, and a smidge of humidity.

12 Nov, 2011


Thank you all for your help!

13 Nov, 2011

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