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To manure...or not

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I've just started to dig the last part of my new VERY heavy clay border,would it be ok to put well rotted horse manure down at this time of year..certainly won't be planting it up this year!! Thankyou for any advice



by all means dig in your manure. if you put grit in too, you should be able to plant this lovely area up this year. I dont think you will be able to resit it.

21 Mar, 2009


Hello,thankyou for your reply,off to the local stable's then lol,got lot's to do in garden,only moved in 2yr ago,don't think previous owner was into gardening,so many large stones..and breeze block's dug out,also going to change pond a bit going to use a liner and make a bit bigger..will be worth all the hard work lol

21 Mar, 2009


make the pond as big as you can, they are never big enough. make sure it is well rotted manure, if it still smells of wee its not rotten enough.

21 Mar, 2009


ok thanx,going to make the one in pic bigger,and adding a bog area

21 Mar, 2009


The little pond you have must dry out quickly in hot weather, would a water feature not be better for you. Put a tank underneath for your water supply, the overflow will then support the bog area.
As Seaburngirl says use manure and grit, I would go further by getting broken up old bricks even with old mortar on them, this will break down clay, also gypsum will help. Your PH will be high, so avoid lime hating plants.

22 Mar, 2009


Hello,no its never dried out,its about 18 in deep,have also read somewere to dig 12in deep for bog area,so hopefully should all be ok

22 Mar, 2009

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