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my roses die after about a year


By Cyril

United Kingdom Gb

I think i once heard to add something to the soil when re planting roses in the same area they die after a year or two
never had this problem until we moved .But only two miles

On plant rose ? bush/tea.



It would depend on what your roses are dying of Cyril. If they are dying of a virus or root disease then you shouldn't plant any roses in that area for quite some time. If they have died due to black spot or crown rot then you can re-plant. I don't know of adding anything to the soil from a disease remedy point of view. If the roses have died due to soil conditions such as too wet or too dry or too alkaline then you would add something to the soil to improve the conditions.
Do you know what your roses are dying of? Can you describe the way they die...what they look like, what they do etc.

22 Mar, 2009


Have a look at
and scroll down to 'benefits for roses'. I think it has been referred to on Gardeners World.

22 Mar, 2009


they just die off and are easy to pull up when they are at their worst hole stems die off one by one till there is only one left i have replcaed some in the same spot and the same thing happens but roses seem not to like this garden wherever i plant them they dont last more than 2 yrs not black spot or rust and i spray in the summer, feed in spring. soil moist sandy ish.tried blue moon,ice cream,the bride,peace,iceberg ?

22 Mar, 2009

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