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Is Salal poisonous to felines?


By Betsy

United States Us

I believe that my cat may have eaten Salal that was in an arrangement. Is it poisonous?



Hi Betsy - A bit late but, as no-one else has jumped in ... From Wikipaedia - "Salal or shallon (Gaultheria shallon, Ericaceae) is a leathery-leaved shrub native to western North America. Its dark blue "berries" (actually swollen sepals) are edible and are efficient appetite suppressants, with a unique flavor. Salal berries were a significant food resource for native people, who both ate them fresh and dried them into cakes. They were also used as a sweetener, and the Haida used them to thicken salmon eggs. The leaves of the plant were also sometimes used to flavor fish soup.

More recently, salal berries are used locally in jams, preserves and pies. They are often combined with Oregon-grape because the tartness of the latter makes up for the mild sweetness of salal."
So I don't think you need have any worries.

29 Mar, 2009

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