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Sweet Peas..... a yearly puzzle for me

Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom Gb

every year I plant seeds in small pots in the greenhouse, around January. All usual....& now they're each about 5ins tall & healthy. MY PUZZLE...... should one pinch out all the time, until they go out into the beds...OR just the once. Never really had a straight answer to this one.



With sweet peas, I've only ever pinched out the once. But, then again, I'm no expert either. Maybe we'll both learn something from your question. :o)

20 Mar, 2009


No idea! I'm planting mine without pinching out again though.

20 Mar, 2009


Thanks Madmum..............I'll stop pinching......they're getting nice & bush anyway, so they should be good & ready for going out in a few weeks. Here's to bags of smellies !

20 Mar, 2009


I grow them every year never pinched them out Are you ment to ?

21 Mar, 2009


Yes, Donna - when there are 4 pairs of true leaves. This makes the plants bush out!

I only pinch mine once as well... I don't know what the real experts who grow them for show do, I know they let them grow up then lay them down again and re-tie in at an angle to the next cane along the row!!! Not for me - once they are in, they are in.

21 Mar, 2009


Hi I only pinch out the once too. once in the ground thats it.

21 Mar, 2009


i've noticed that after 2-3 years of growing S/peas in the same patch, they produce fewer blooms, so I shilft the Pea Patch around every year now.

22 Mar, 2009

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