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these are my sweetpeas do they look ok? I have pinched out once... do I have to keep doing it or just leave them now? Thankyou




They look pretty good to me, Kate. My own are a little smaller than yours and I have pinched them out once so far. I'm interested to hear any answers to your question, too!

24 Nov, 2011


Great! I don't normally pinch them put more than once.

My problem this year is getting the dratted seeds to germinate! I've sown another couple of packets because the first lot were so poor. :-((

24 Nov, 2011


Same problem, spritzhenry, this year - I have now just broadcast seeds into a tray and will thin out whatever comes up. Found the same thing with carrots and parsnips earlier - the low germination rate is infuriating!! I have been advised to buy continental varieties of seed next year ... if we are still trading with europe by then?!!

24 Nov, 2011


they look good to me.

i have some at around the same stage, pinched out last week and they have produced side shoots with leaves forming. so have faith.

my germination was maybe 75%.

will post a pic tomoz :)

24 Nov, 2011


they look ok to me too i set 30 and got 28 this is my first year off growing from seed.i was just wondering if i should pinch the tops out of everlasting ones.dont laugh.thank you im sorry this is my question on someone elses question.

24 Nov, 2011


Thankyou everyone :) Kennyboy anytime your welcome to share my question space :) lol

24 Nov, 2011


thanks kate.

24 Nov, 2011


Kennyboy I`ve had my everlasting sweetpeas for over 20yrs and only by accident have I ever pinched them out.

25 Nov, 2011


I have another question.As you can see these are outside in a zip up plastic frame will this be enough protection when we have frost and if its a real hard winter should I bring them inside? thankyou

26 Nov, 2011

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