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Are my grassy plants dead?!!!


By Jenh

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I have 2 of these, what were beautiful green grassy plants last summer and I;m not sure if they are gonners! There appears to be green growth at the bottom and if I peel back the dead brown there seems to be green underneath.

Can anyone tell me how to bring them back to life for the summer please?!!!




You'll have to wait I'm afraid. I'm not sure which type of grass this is. Some require cutting down each spring (probably about now), this one looks like it needs cutting down now to a "hedgehog" before new growth appears. I know this is the case for Fountain grass (Pennisetum Alopecuroides). becoz I've just bought one!

Silver spider needs cutting with secateurs down to ground completely and Pheasant's tail grass just needs raking or fingers running thro' it to remove last years spent flowerspikes.

Hope that helps! Google or ask is great!

20 Mar, 2009


This looks to me like a Miscanthus - does it have (or had) feathery seed heads? If so, it's defo Miscanthus and it needs to be cut down to, as Craftnutter says, a hedgehog. It will regrow from ground level each year. If you don't cut it down it just looks messy.

20 Mar, 2009


I thought it was supposed to get the feathery head but it never did! I will get my secatares out and start making hedgehogs!
Many thanks

23 Mar, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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