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HELP!! my beautiful "Angel Wing Begonia" is dying..

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I got got her 5 days ago, and she just keeps loosing flowers! I put in her direct sunlight everyday till the sun passes over then I put her back on my desk. There is a window behind my desk, but it does not get direct sunlight. Her soil is not too wet, not to dry. But she just keeps loosing flowers. Just this moring I came into the office and 5 of them were on the floor.. FIVE!! I love LOVE this plant, but I am not doing something right.. any help is truly greatful!!

Angel Wing

Genus: Begonia.
Species: Begonia Coccinea.

Glossy Foliage and coral red flowers
Feed: Mild liquid fertilizer
Water: Keep soil slightly moist at all times...

On plant Begonia




it could be the air in the office is too dry/hot for it. I thoght the direct sunlight would be too strong too. but i havent grown this so some one else might know. Plants often drop flowers if they have got a chill so where was it after you bought it and before it went in your office?

20 Mar, 2009


What a lovely plant. Offices can be a great place for plants as they are quite warm at times, until some hot-bod decides they need the bloomin' air conditioning turned on. I usually sit and shiver whilst everyone else is baking hot. I really hate the air conditioning - it's like sitting in the fridge, and I'm sure they are unhealthy as they pass germs around the office. Guaranteed if someone has a cold, it's not long before everyone else is sniffing and coughing all over the place. I have a peace lily on my desk, not in direct sunlight though. It's doing really well, although because it's a warm office it tells me when it needs a drink by drooping. As soon as I have given it a drink it perks back up in no time. I'm guessing your plant has been in a cold location before you bought it and it's just getting over the shock of being brought into the warm.

20 Mar, 2009

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