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Is all lost for my Hebes?


By Bushman

wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am an amateur gardener and about 4 years ago planted two hebes in a sunny, well drained position in my garden (after hearing they are easy to maintain). Last summer, after flowering, they began to look dry and the leaves were turning brown and falling off. I am now left with nothing but twigs that appear mouldy. On reading other posts i think the problem may have been neglect on my behalf, as i just left them to grow not realising i had to prune them after each blossom. Could this be the problem ? and is there anything i can do to rescue them ? Any tips would be appreciated.



Hi Bushman, welcome to GOY.
Many Hebes suffer from diseases. Cut right back to ground level, probe round the roots to see if any life is left in your shrubs, if yes, mulch with compost and wait to see what happens.

20 Mar, 2009


Yes, I understood they were easy, but I've planted several over the years and they survive for maybe two years and then always die on me.....think my garden conditions just don't suit them :-(

20 Mar, 2009


This year we had harder frost than for several years, it has damaged many of my bushes that have survived unharmed in the past. check the bottom trunk of your bushes if they are dead this trunk is sometimes split. by the frost, in which case you are best to scrap it.

21 Mar, 2009

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